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Effective June 4, 2017 we will no longer sell the ThermaJig to customers who own other brands of vacuum formers due to the large number of customer service issues, complaints, and questions about the ThermaJig when used with other brands of vacuum formers and home made vacuum formers.  The jig works great and has been tested fully in our vacuum formers. We guarantee it to work in our vacuum formers.   If you are a ThermaPress VF1 owner and wish to purchase the ThermaJig, they are in stock.  Please contact us and we will tell you how to order.  To everyone else, we apologize, but there will be no exceptions to this policy since people refuse to read the information below, fail to contact us as requested, order the jig anyway, and then blame us because their vacuum former will not work with the jig when it was clearly posted below.  We believe in offering product support on all our products, but cannot offer support when our product is used with another brand of vacuum former that has limitations beyond our control.  

Our new ThermaJig is just incredible . . .

Read below to find out why.

We first invented the curved holster jig for making curved holsters inside the vacuum former.  Recently, we have looked for ways to improve on our original design and make it better . . .not cheaper (like some of the copycats have done.)  We made some major revisions to the design that have made tremendous improvements on how well curved holsters are made.

First, we eliminated all the hollow airspace underneath the jig.  Hollow space underneath a jig adds to the internal air volume of your vacuum former.  More volume means you have more air to evacuate with the pump which takes long to achieve full vacuum.  Meanwhile, your hot kydex is cooling very quickly.  This impacts holster definition, and the quality of the holsters you make. Seconds are critical when forming with any curved jig.  The number one reason for making a curved jig hollow underneath is cost.  More material equals more expense to produce but holster quality suffers.  The new ThermaJig is a solid design.  There is no large hollow space or pockets underneath the jig to create more internal air volume.

Second,  we made the ThermaJig completely adjustable in width!  You can adjust the jig to fit whatever project you are working on.  From full size pistols with lights and lasers to the smallest handguns, you can add a curve while forming your holster.  To adjust in width, you must have different widths of foam.  You can make these easily using the neoprene rubber press foam you should already have on hand if you are a kydex holster maker.

Third, we made the ThermaJig with an adjustable molding depth.  By adjusting with spacers or using different thicknesses of foam, you can adjust the molding depth to achieve anything from a 50/50 split to a 95/5 split depending on your preference.

Fourth, we split the jig made it so each side can adjust length wise to give you more work area on the sight channel side to help you mold holsters for pistols with small optics like Trijicon RMRs.

Fifth, we added a lot more weight to the jig so that it would not slide around from the closing the lid and the membrane stretching causing everything to move.  No more reaching over the lid and trying to hold everything in place by pushing down on the membrane and jig with your hand to keep everything from moving.

Lastly, another awesome feature is that we made the jig with a flow through design to aid air evacuation and better definition.  In addition, we molded directly into the jig tiny ridges that aid in better vacuum draw.  Then we molded indicator lines into the jig every ½ inch apart which faintly shows up on the back of your holsters.  These indicator lines give you a point of reference for drilling and installing your eyelets straight and parallel every time.

The foam is now easily replaced with standard 1 inch neoprene foam.  No more sticky back Velcro to try and secure your foam in place.

The ThermaJig comes standard with one piece of foam and one spacer that fits most full frame auto pistols.  To adjust the jig, it will require you to cut and make your own spacer and cut your own foam to fit the width of your choosing.  We have found that there only a few different widths that cover almost all different sizes of handguns.  The spacers are made from hardboard, ¼ inch plywood, or whatever you like.  You can even use cardboard as a spacer.

As a ThermaJig owner, you will be granted access to the member’s section of our website where you will have access to tips and tricks as well as videos (all coming soon) of advanced vacuum forming techniques with the ThermaJig that only Stuart has perfected.  There will also be videos showing how to cut and make your own foam blocks and spacers.  ThermaJig owners will also be able to contribute their knowledge, show photos of their work and upload videos.




The ThermaJig has been tested in the PVC build your own vacuum former design / plans and will work, but requires modification of the melamine board in the bottom of your former.  In order to work properly, the ThermaJig will need to sit recessed into the bottom of the vacuum former.  This will be done by you cutting out a recess in a piece of 3/4 inch plywood for the ThermaJig base to sit down into.  This can be done by placing the ThermaJig on a piece of plywood to use the shape as a template, tracing it and adding 1/8th of an inch and then cutting out  the plywood with a jigsaw. You would then remove the melamine in your vacuum former and replace it with the ThermaJig and the plywood cutout.  This would allow you to reduce the overall height of the ThermaJIg, while retaining all of its functionality and adjust-ability.  We hope to have a video showing this process very soon.  



The ThermaJig is designed for use in the ThermaPress VF-1 only and ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT WORK in vacuum formers made from acrylic with small magnets.  The increased thickness of the ThermaJig will cause your membrane to slip and prevent the acrylic vacuum presses from making a good seal.    As much as we would love to sell you a ThermaJIg, unfortunately, we are unable to sell you a ThermaJig at this time.



We have tested the ThermaJig in the original BLT oak vacuum former and do not recommend using the ThermaJig in the BLT.  While it will physically fit inside the former, it is difficult to close the lid and results in an increased number of membrane rips and the ThermaJig will lose a lot of its adjustment functionality.  We recommend using one of the original types of curved jigs that was designed for the BLT.



The ThermaJig will only work with vacuum formers which use a fixed-frame and a membrane such as the ThermaPress VF-1.   Membrane-less or direct formers do not work with the ThermaJig.



Please contact us and include measurements along with a photo of your vacuum former before placing an order for the ThermaJig.  We would need to have this information before we can form an opinion if the ThermaJig will, or will not work in your vacuum former.  Please note, if you have not purchased the membranes with free plans from for the DIY build  or currently own a VF-1, we will not fill your order for a ThermaJig as we have had too many people ordering these and then want to return them because it would not work in their homemade vacuum former.  Be sure to contact us first before ordering if you intend on using this in some other vacuum former other than the VF-1 or DIY build otherwise we will likely refund the order.

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Dimensions 14 x 11 x 2.5 in

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