Did you recently raise the price of the VF-1 vacuum former?

The short answer is no.  Prior to releasing the VF-1 for purchase in November, 2016, we did a cost study of what it would cost to produce the VF-1 vacuum formers.  There is a tremendous amount of CNC machining required to produce the parts for the VF-1 and then there is a lengthy assembly time.  The study we conducted determined that in order to manufacture the VF-1 and make a fair profit that we would need to charge $599 for the VF-1 without any accessories.  We had hoped to hit the $499 price point, but we determined we would actually go out of business if we sold the VF-1 for that price.  We looked at cutting the machine time and material costs but determined that by doing so, we would cut quality.  What we decided to do was focus on quality and customer service and set the price at $599 where it needed to be.  However, we needed to get the VF-1 in as many customer hands as possible so they could use it and get the word out on how great it really is.  We know that our customers and word of mouth are our best resource for advertising our products.  Therefore we chose to introduce the VF-1 at $549 introductory price and offered some sales at $499 to get as many out the door as possible for word of mouth advertising.  For almost two years we sold the VF-1’s at the introductory price.  Since it was introduced, our costs to produce it have continued to climb and we can no longer sell the VF-1 at or below what it costs to manufacture it.  In summary, there is no longer any introductory pricing and VF-1 presses are now being sold at the original cost of $599.  Occasionally, we may offer some incentives, discounts, or sales.

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