How do I connect the vacuum pump to the VF1 or the VSS?

First, please refer the assembly video for your product located in the owner’s section. If you have not already purchased the VF1, you will not have access to this area of our website. The VF1 does not include a vacuum hose or fittings to connect to your pump. WE DO NOT INCLUDE THE FITTINGS OR HOSE to connect to your pump. The reason for this is because we have no way of knowing which pump you will ultimately buy and what fitting or hose size you will need. The size of your pump and who manufactured the pump will dictate what fitting you will need. Regardless of what size, thread pitch, and type of fitting and hose you will require, we recommend using a 3/8″ inside diameter hose. The ThermaPress VF1 will accept up to a 1/2″ Male National Pipe Thread into the included ball valve. If you plan on purchasing the Robinair #15800 vacuum pump (what we recommend), we sell an optional connection kit just for that pump which includes the hose and required fittings. Click Here to see that kit.