I just placed my order for the membranes for free plans. Where is my download for the plans?

The download will not be available until we actually process your order for shipment.  When that happens you should receive an email confirming the shipment along with a link or instructions to complete the download.  If you do not receive this within one or two business days of placing your order, please make sure to check your junk email folder.  Also, if you used a Hotmail or Gmail email address to place your order, you may want to contact us with an alternate email address since some users with Hotmail and Gmail have reported they are not receiving anything from our website.  However, it is not necessary to use the link provided in the email.  Once your order has been completed you can visit our website and log into your account and access the plans through the portal under your account.  If you are still having trouble with your download, please contact us through this website.  For a speedy response, please do not contact us through Facebook or social media for order related questions since we do not check those as often as our email.


Upon receiving your download link you should click on the link and save the file to your computer, phone, or tablet, instead of opening the file.  You should also print out the plans.  Your download link will be active for only two weeks and has up to 5 download attempts.  After you have saved the file onto your device, you can access the file offline without internet service and also access it as often or as many times as you need.  Please note, it is very important you save the file to your device as you do not have unlimited downloads.   By saving it, you can use the file as many times as needed.  This is why it is called a download (You copy it from our server and put it on your own device to use as much as you need.)

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