I ordered membranes with no included plans to build a different size vacuum former. How can I download the plans?

If you wanted the plans, why would you order membranes that did not include the free plans?  We only sell one package / size of membranes that have the free plans.  The DIY build was designed to work with only one size of membrane.  Specifically, the plans are designed to work with the 18 x 26 membranes.  We do not have plans to fit other sizes of membranes so if you ordered a different size membrane, they will not work with the plans.  In other words, the plans are useless without the correct size membranes.  Even if you purchased membranes of an equivalent dollar amount, we are not able to give you the membranes because the download must be created by ordering the correct package from the website.  Please do not order membranes of a different size that do not include the free plans and then expect us to provide the plans to you, because we cannot manually setup the download and even if we could it would not matter because the plans only work with the 18 x 26 membranes.  There is only one package on the website that includes free plans, none of the other packages include plans.  Because all membrane sales are final, we do not accept returns or exchanges on membranes so If you want membranes with free plans please order the correct package.

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