I purchased the membranes with free plans. The free plans included the SKU’s / UPC’s for the materials needed from Home Depot. When I went to purchase them, the SKU’s did not match the SKU’s in the store. Why?

The numbers were accurate at the time we created the materials list. As noted on the product page, we have seen individual Home Depot stores not using the same numbers as many other locations or be different from what is on the Home Depot website. We have no clue why Home Depot would not use the same product numbers through out all of its stores for the same product but we have heard that from many people just like yourself. We have no control over Home Depot changing their products, suppliers, or the SKU numbers they use. You should always refer to the physical description of what is on the materials list and try to purchase materials based on the description of what is required. The SKU numbers provided by us were previously accurate and should be used as a tool only to aid you in finding the correct materials. Before you drive to multiple stores, we recommend using the Home Depot website to search for those items and check the inventory available at your local store before driving all over looking for a particular item. We are just not able to keep up with the constant changes that Home Depot makes in their products available at their stores. Please remember we are selling you the membranes and the plans are free and only to be used as an aid along with the video to help you with your build. The difficulties in finding the materials and completing the build requires a lot of time and effort and this is why many people choose to buy one of our vacuum formers instead of building their own.

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