My membrane ruptured on the third use. Can I receive a replacement?

Membranes are considered a consumable item. There is no warranty for that reason. We have no way to control how people use the membranes and almost all punctures are or rips are caused by user error. It is almost for certain that the membrane itself is not defective. In the hundreds of yards of membrane we have sold, we have only seen one or two defects. High standards of manufacturing prevent defects and each membrane is inspected before we ship it out to you. Most people rupture membranes due to a lack of experience in knowing what they can and cannot get away with in terms of their molds. Most holster makers when they start out will usually puncture several and the number of membranes damaged goes down as you gain experience. If you are purchasing cast handgun molds, then you should inspect every mold when you put in the vacuum chamber. A rough spot or sharp edge is almost always the reason for ruptured membranes. Hollow voids such as improperly blocked trigger areas or using real handguns with the magazine removed also will pull the membrane into the void and stretch it beyond its limitations. Punctures and abrasion tears can always be avoided by sanding any rough spots and if you are using a real firearm in the vacuum former, all sharp corners and edges should be covered with blue painter’s tape to prevent membrane damage.

We have seen literally thousands of holsters made on a single membrane and the longevity is all because the operator was careful.  Once, we had a customer contact us to complain that he went through three membranes back to back and every membrane ruptured in the exact same spot.  We asked that he email pictures of his setup and what he was molding.  This was his first attempt at vacuum forming and he was using a real 1911 that had not been taped up and each rupture was on the serrations of the hammer of the pistol.  This area was not covered by the kydex and most certainly should have been covered in blue painter’s tape to protect the membrane.  After the first rupture, he should have stopped and figured out what was causing the rupture.  Again, almost all ruptures are due to user error and inexperience and this is just one example of many we have seen.  There is a learning curve for everyone new to vacuum forming.  However, if you are certain that you did not cause the failure or there was no sharp edge that caused the failure, you are welcome to contact us and will allow you to return it for inspection. You will have to pay for the shipping to return it to us. Once we receive it, we can inspect the membrane under a microscope. Visual examination under magnification will reveal immediately if it is a defect or an abrasion. If it is an abrasion or cut, we will not replace it. If it is in fact defective (which is very rare) we will most certainly replace it. However, under no circumstances will we replace a membrane when it has not been returned to us for inspection.  Those of you who are new to vacuum forming should watch the video on our youtube channel entitled “silicone membrane” for recommendations on correct installation, break in, and use of silicone membrane.