I saw a video on youtube where a guy drove a truck up onto the vacuum former he sells. Will your vacuum former support the weight of a pickup truck?

We are not sure what driving a truck up onto a vacuum former has to do with how well it performs.  If you need to support the weight of your truck, we highly recommend purchasing jack stands or ramps that are intended for that particular purpose.  Don’t buy a screwdriver if you need a wrench.  If you want to purchase the best kydex holster making vacuum former press on the market, then we recommend purchasing a VF-1.  We have seen that video and immediately noticed that the frame lid had been removed beforehand.  We also wondered what in the world that has to do with vacuum forming kydex holsters . . absolutely nothing.  We believe our customers are smart enough figure that out and choose not to make a similar video.   If that determines your purchasing decision for which vacuum former to buy, well you are going to run into a few bigger problems in learning the process of holster making.   We want our videos to be truthful, honest, and relevant to the task at hand.  Although, if the truck test is that important to you in making a purchasing decision, our press would probably withstand that and then some.  We prefer that people not use our press as a jack stand for changing the oil in their truck for liability reasons.

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