I want my free plans to be for the VF-1 instead of the DIY vacuum former. Can I have the VF1 plans or can I modify the build to work like the VF-1? Can I order VF-1 parts for my custom build?

There are no free plans or plans that we sell to build the VF-1.  The free plans are meant to be used with the DIY video.  They cannot be modified in any way and still work correctly.  There are some huge differences between the VF1 press and the DIY vacuum press.  Both vacuum formers work well, but the DIY was constructed in such a way so that you could build it at home with basic shop tools and with supplies found at your local home center.  The DIY former uses magnets to hold the membrane and the VF-1 uses bolts.  The VF1 cannot be made to work with magnets and the DIY former cannot be made to work with bolts. VF-1 parts cannot be adapted to work in the DIY build and we do not sell specific parts of the VF-1 for DIY builds.  All parts for VF-1 vacuum formers are allocated to pending customer orders and we do not have any extra and we are unable to modify or machine VF-1 parts for your specific application.   Attempting to change one type of vacuum press to the other will cause the press to leak and not seal up making it useless.   They are two completely different designs.  The VF-1 is constructed with very specialized machinery and you will not be able to  duplicate it in the average home workshop.  If you want a press like the VF-1, you will have to purchase it and quite frankly, purchasing it will cost you much less than trying to reinvent it on your own.

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