What does a 90/10 split mean?

When we started making holsters, the industry was making holsters on a 50/50 split. In other words, the kydex was equally as deep on each side of the gun. One half of the gun’s thickness was pressed into each piece of kydex. The split only applies to the pancake style holsters where you have two separate pieces of plastic molded together to hold the handgun in place. When we developed the curve jig, we did it differently from what everyone else was doing and split the gun with a 90/10 split and made the holster curved. This eliminated the pressure point on the user’s body and made a more uniform holster where it came into contact with the wearer. It took the pressure point off the gun itself and spread it out into the curve making for a more comfortable and tighter fit against the person’s body. Many other holster makers have adopted using the 90/10 split method over the 50/50 split.