What is the difference between your curved jig and others I have seen?

First of all, we invented the curved jig. Others have copied our original jig. However, they have yet to duplicate our jig and the reason for that is the curve radius. Our jig is taller and has more of a curve. Our main competitor could not go as tall with his copy  of our jig because it caused his vacuum former to leak. We designed the curved jig first, then the vacuum former. We took the average radius of the human body and set our curve from that to give your holsters the best possible fit on the human body. . .not just what would work in our vacuum former. You can use our curved jig to mold holsters, mag carriers and anything you can think of to fit the human body and never have to worry about the item being too tall to work in our vacuum formers. However, our curved jig will most likely cause other vacuum formers to leak if they are using only a magnetic membrane locking system. Our new ThermaJig is incredible. It is fully adjustable for both the curve radius and to the item you are molding. It also allows you to control molding depth also using spacers or different thicknesses of foam. The ThermaJig does not increase the internal air volume of your vacuum former because we made it completely solid with no hollow voids underneath. We also included air channels to allow air to escape directly from the item you are molding. The new ThermaJig also has indicator lines which are molded into the back side of your holster. These lines show up just enough to aid you in cutting the edges of your holster straight and parallel to each other and aids you in drilling your eyelet holes. No other curved jig does that.