What is the warranty on your vacuum former?

All ThermaPress VF-1 formers have a one year warranty from date of purchase.

We warranty the ThermaPress VF1 for one year against defects in materials and workmanship. Items that are NOT covered on the ThermaPress VF1 warranty or are the membrane and the removable molding deck board.

We also do not cover abuse, misuse, and neglect.  For example, over tightening your membrane bolts will cause damage and void your warranty.  We do not recommend using a drill or impact gun to tighten them with.  Also, placing your VF-1 too close to your heat press could cause warping or damage. Keep your VF-1 at least 18 inches from your heat press. Things like that are not covered.

Most people have no issues on the ThermaPress VF 1 assembly. It is rather easy. However, the optional VSS (Vacuum Storage Solution) relies on you for assembly and gluing the pvc fittings together. For this reason, the vacuum former itself has a one year warranty against defects but the optional VSS (vacuum storage solution) that works in conjunction with the vacuum former has no warranty. In other words, if you glue two pieces together incorrectly while assembling the VSS you will have to order the replacement parts. We have created both the VF 1 and the VSS to be modular and completely user serviceable. So if you did glue something up wrong, or a glue joint developed a leak, you would only have to replace the affected parts and would not have to ship the entire unit back for repair. Many of the parts, are parts that can be found in the plumbing section of your local home center. This saves in return shipping costs, down time, and overall costs of ownership.

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