Which heat press should I buy?

We were the first to ever use a t-shirt press to heat kydex. Even after we told everyone about it and put out a video, many were reluctant to switch over from using toaster ovens. It finally caught on and a heat press is now considered a necessary item in forming kydex holsters. Our old heat press was made by Hix. It was an awesome unit that was made in the U.S.A. However, when it died, in the cost to replace it with a similar unit made here in the USA was over $800. The parts to repair it exceeded the cost of purchasing a Chinese made unit from Amazon. Ultimately we replaced it with a 16×20 unit from Amazon. While the Chinese unit does the job, we miss the quality of the American made heat press. There is just no comparison. But, we gave this same advice when purchasing vacuum pumps . . buy it from Amazon. That way, if there is something wrong with it in the first 30 days, it gets shipped back to Amazon on their dime. Other vendors will want you to return it to the manufacturer on your dime and shipping on these things is just unbelievable. If you are just starting out and don’t know where you are going with holster making. . a toaster oven will get you by for a while until you get the hang of things.