Do you sell vacuum pumps? Which vacuum pump or what size vacuum pump do you recommend?

No, we do not sell vacuum pumps.  Please read further to learn why,  and what our recommendations are.  We have tried many different vacuum pumps, but have only tried a tip of the iceberg so to speak. There are all different types, makes, models, of vacuum pumps available for purchase from other vendors. Out of the ones we have tried, we have found that the Robinair #15800 8cfm vacuum pump suits our needs the best. It is a good balance of both price, quality, and functionality. It is also a two-stage pump so it is going to run much quieter than a single stage pump.  The price of the pump seems to fluctuate but is usually under $300 with free shipping on The absolute minimum recommended pump for use with our vacuum formers is 3 cfm (cubic feet per minute). Before you purchase a different brand or style of vacuum pump you should verify that it will reach 29.5 in. hg. (29.5 inches of mercury). Some vacuum pumps are made by design to not reach a full 29.5 in.hg. vacuum. A 5 cfm is better and an 8cfm is best. We see little value in going higher than a 10 cfm pump as the air volume in our vacuum formers is so small that the extra horsepower yields little in terms of results. Our second choice in a pump would be the Robinair 5CFM vacuum pump which is also a two stage pump.

Most of the vacuum pumps now are made in China. If you pay $300 for a Chinese pump and get three years of use from it using it everyday, you have gotten your money’s worth. Replacement parts can be difficult to obtain and it may be cheaper in the long run to just by a new pump instead of fixing the old one if it has failed. Pumps have different warranties such as 90 days or one year. The problem with that is that you have to send it back to the manufacturer for warranty repair and that can be very expensive because the pumps are heavy and shipping costs are outrageous. We have received a lot of feedback on the Robinair #15800 and most of the ones that had problems were dead on arrival or failed within the first thirty days. For this reason, we recommend purchasing your vacuum pump from because of their 30 day return policy in which Amazon pays for return shipping if there is a problem. After the 30 day period, you have to rely on the manufacturers warranty. Many, many other vendors that sell vacuum pumps want you to return the pump to the manufacturer on your dime if there is a problem with the pump when you receive it. Amazon sends you out a new one if it fails within the first 30 days or gives you a refund. You get the idea.  Be sure and try to purchase the best vacuum pump you can afford. You will not regret it.  If there is only $50 between a 5 cfm pump and an 8 cfm pump, spring for the 8 CFM pump.