Why did you decide to go back to a frame/bolt method of securing the membrane?

While we like the added ease of using the magnetic system for holding the membranes in place, it has some issues. Our DIY plans called for using really strong magnets. The reason for this was mainly for being able to use our curved jig and taller items in the DIY PVC former without the membrane slipping from under the magnets, pulling loose, or leaking. The magnetic system is good if you mainly work with split molds and short items. To use the magnetic system with taller items, we had to use stronger magnets. 3/4″ neodymium rare earth magnets are very expensive. They also were so strong, it became difficult to remove them from the vacuum former. They were also very difficult to separate. Almost always, if one was dropped on the concrete floor in our shop, the magnet would break. Sometimes, they just break for no apparent reason. The bolt / frame method takes a little longer (just a minute or two) but it is more secure, works well with taller items, and has lower cost of ownership over the life of the vacuum former. Magnets are also a safety hazard to small children and we just don’t want that being an issue since most of our customers are using these in their homes. The ThermaPress VF 1 only works with the bolt/frame method. Here is the truth about using the magnetic system in our opinion: While it looks cool and seems faster it is not what it appears which is why we chose to not use it in building the ThermaPress VF1. Lets just say for sake of argument that it takes three minutes longer to change out a membrane on the ThermaPress VF1 as opposed to a former with the magnetic system. What is three minutes when you can be sure it will not leak, will not slip, and allow you to mold tall items in the vac former? Besides, if you are constantly changing out membranes . . .YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG and need to determine what the exact issue is.