Why was my order shipped “signature required”?

We reserve the right to ship any order signature required. This is not only for our protection but for your protection also. There are many reasons to do this. You may not have a secure area for the shipper to leave the package and it could be exposed to rain, snow, or theft from your doorstep should you not be there to receive it when the carrier arrives. Often, we have no way of knowing if you have a secure area to receive packages or if you live in an apartment complex were anyone could walk off with the package. We have had packages left on doorsteps that were stolen, rained on, and in one instance the neighbor’s dog destroyed the package and its contents. It also proves that the package was delivered and who received it. Paypal also requests that we have proof of delivery with a signature on high dollar items. The fact remains that once we have delivered the package to the carrier for shipment, the liability is on the carrier and any claims or losses for mis-delivered merchandise or lost merchandise are on the carrier and you are left having to work it out with them. The ‘signature required’ may be a little inconvenient if you have to go to the Post Office or carrier’s hub to pick it up, but it insures that you are the one who actually receives it and in good condition.