Will the ThermaPress VF-1 work for vacuum forming leather?

Honestly, we do not know.  We have sold several VF1 formers to leather holster makers for that purpose.  We have reached out to them requesting information on how well it works with leather and posted this question on our Facebook page.  So far, we have received no responses, and no feedback on using it with leather.  Keep in mind, that you would not be able to rub or press down the leather with any tools as they would likely rip the silicone membrane.  We do know that some kydex holster makers have successfully used the VF-1 to vacuum form very thin layers of leather to the outside of a kydex holster.  Using something other than silicone membrane in the VF-1, say for example a vinyl sheet, would likely cause the VF-1 not to create a vacuum seal.  If you are a leather holster maker and you are using the ThermaPress VF-1 for vacuum forming leather, please contact us.  We would like to hear your feedback so we can help others with this question.

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