No warranty is offered on silicone membranes or molding deck boards as they are considered consumable products.

All sales are final unless otherwise stated on the particular product page.

The ThermaPress VF-1 is warrantied for one full year  from date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship.  Abuse, neglect, misuse, and accidental damage are beyond our control and not covered.  Damage resulting from over torquing / tightening of bolts on the ThermaPress VF-1 is considered abuse and not covered by this warranty.  Use of a drill or cordless drill is not recommended.  Cross threaded, or stripped threads in the T-Nuts is not covered as this is considered abuse.  Damage, warping, or melting of components due to exposure to extreme heat is not covered on the VF-1.  It is strongly advised to keep at least 18 inches between the ThermaPress VF-1 and any toaster ovens, heat presses, or heat sources to prevent damage and warping.  A molding deck board should always be used inside the VF-1 and thermoforming should never take place directly on the diamond flow vacuum chamber itself as damage will occur.  ThermaPress, LLC will decide at its sole discretion whether to repair or replace any claims for defects under warranty. The customer is responsible for return shipping to ThermaPress, LLC if the unit must be shipped back to us.    No warranty will be made if the product is not returned to ThermaPress, LLC for inspection.  All claims require the customer obtain an RMA (Return Materials Authorization) prior to return.  For more specific details about this warranty, please see the Terms and Conditions page located on this website.